Tuesday, January 27, 2009

White Chicken Chilli

Since we are in the recipe sharing mood....here's another one!

White Chicken Chili
Layer frozen chicken tenders on bottom of crock pot
Add: 1 can rinsed black beans
1 can rinsed northern beans
1 can corn
1 can petite diced tomatoes
Mix 3 cups water, 2t chicken bouillon, white chicken chili seasoning mix, cumin (I use ½ t), cilantro (fresh or dry).
Poor in crock pot. Cook on high several hours (4 or 5).
Dish in bowls and top with sour cream (I use fat free), avocado, fresh cilantro
The kids like to dip tortilla chips in the soup (Emily)


  1. That sounds so GOOD--I have a feeling we're going to try it this week! Thanks for participating in this. . . I was starting to feel like the Sarah-show! My friends were all raving about the Mediterranean Salad this morning at gymnastics (Eve's class not mine. . . can you imagine me doing a backbend anymore?).

  2. Recipe for White Chicken Chili looks great, but how did the BLCAK beans and the RED tomatoes get into the WHITE recipe?

    But, no matter the color, I want to try it!
    Where do you find the white chili seasoning mix? And how is it different from regular chili seasonings, since I have most of those in
    my kitchen cupoard?

    Love, M/M

  3. Wow Mom! I'm so proud of you making comments and everything! The seasoning mix is just found with the other packets in the store. I buy the McCormick brand but I'm sure others are fine. The powder is a different color that regular chili mixes but all it says on the ingredients is "spices" so I'm not sure what is in it. You might want to omit the cumin so it isn't so spicey for Dad....Good luck!