Tuesday, January 13, 2009

For Tracy's birthday

Tracy, I don't feel truly qualified to post my comments in the hallowed sanctuary of "the Hafen girls," but Sarah has given me a special dispensation. FROEHLICHER GEBURTSTAG, meine liebe Tracy, die einzige deutschsprechende Frau under den "Hafen Girls!" I hope you've had a good day, with Tom and the kids bringing you breakfast in bed, followed by a leisurely day of reading novels, exercising, taking two naps, eating bon-bons, and watching Oprah. Tracy, I admire your endless capacity and willingnes to give and give for Chaya, Tom, and everyone else in your family. You bless their lives, and you bless ours by your strong and edifying influence in your home and ours. With love and gratitude, Bruce

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