Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Ice Cream for a Snow Day!

The kids just finished licking their bowls to get every last creamy drop of this wonderful snow-confection, and we had to share the recipe and the demo-video! (I just had a spoonful, and it was pret-ty tasty!)

The kids foraged for the snow outside (you can guess the kind of severe warning I gave about avoiding the yellow kind!), and then helped measure and mix the other ingredients (since there are only a total of four, it was very easy to manage, even with the bonus of holding Marie the entire time). We had a ball. . . a SNOW-ball, that is! (Dork alert! Dork alert!)

Let me get some of their ratings and reviews, since they're surrounding me as I type this.
Ethan says, "It's snow-tastic!"
Holden says, "It's really goooood! So try it!"
Eve says, "Put some chocolate on it and then mix it!"
Caleb says, "Two thumbs up!"
Peter says, "I-Keem. . . chomp!"
Marie says, "Heyaaa!"

1 comment:

  1. AWESOME! Now all we need is some snow....maybe we'll just have to come to Rexburg!