Saturday, January 17, 2009

Happy Happy Birthday to Sarah!

I don't know how to be fancy on blogs yet, but pretend this entry is flooded with balloons and all the birthday trimmings. Sarah, you are my hero on so many levels. Every time I am with you, I feel uplifted to be a better person and mother. I admire everything about you and only wish we could be neighbors. I hope your day is wonderful!
Much love,


  1. OK, I'll try once more. Last night all Mom and I experienced was a half hour of "failed blog comments, and people dying everywhere, in sorrow and despair....but Happy Birthday." But Sarah has now walked us through the process once more -- so today, it's the new me, feeling unworthy but grateful to be included as a male in the Hafengirls sanctuary. But hey, I just attended Relief Society in our ward, because I'm supposed to know what goes on in RS (and because Mom was teaching a terriffic lesson). The experience there is typically enough more interesting than High Priests meeting that I have asked Julie Beck to propose a new Church program called "Relief Society for Men." Pretty jazzy, don't you think?
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SARAH -- AND HOLDEN!! We loved being with you in St. George and we look forward to seeing you in Rexburg at the end of February. We'll be watching closely to see if you both look a whole year older. Hope you both had a great day yesterday, planning and cleaning up after each other's b.d. parties...
    Love and hugs, Dad and Mom