Sunday, January 11, 2009

Memory Lane (Emily)

These pictures are backwards, but since I am new at this--oh well! Here we are at the top of the "saddle." We were crazy hikers with kids ages 4-11. We hiked up cliffs and rocks and were grateful no one fell off! Thanks to Joy we were rescued in the end when we got lost. Thanks to Joy and the ranger!
Standing on the remnants of (Great) Grandpa Hafen's cabin. Spencer wants to create a plaque and post it at this site so everyone knows what all these boards are doing here. We understand this could be quite a good Eagle Project?

Grandpa Hafen sharing stories from his childhood at the 'ole homestead. Grandma actually knocked on the door of the current owner to see if a "few" grandkids could take a look at the yard! I have some good memories of this place!

The front of (Great) Grandma and Grandpa's house. Ellie had just fallen on the steep road in front and gashed up her knee. She isn't screaming because of Joy's first aid kit (okay because of the sucker Joy had in her first aid kit). Aunt Joy saves the day again! (Do you see a theme here)?

Look at all these cute teenagers (or almost teenagers)! Can you believe they belong to us? Sure had a great time with all of you in St. George. You make us want to be better!


  1. I am in LOVE with these pictures! The great thing about this is that I can drag and drop them on my desktop and then they are MINE all MINE!!
    About the picture thing, you download them in reverse order (put the one you want first as the last one you download.)
    This is sooooo COOOL! I'm going to e-mail everyone (I mean, all the Hafen Girls. . .although I DO feel like shouting from the rooftops) and tell them to look at your post!

  2. I got into the blog!! Are you all so proud of me? Thanks for the your great pictures, Emily. Now, my kids can remember the trip,even if their mother wasn't on the tour.